So, where are we going?   People ask us all the time where home is.   That is hard to answer because the boat is “home” and we just either stay or go somewhere. We know we came from Boca Raton and consider South Florida our home, but we are living the life of adventure and wherever the water take us.

Our first priority though is to do the Great Loop.   If you have never heard of this trip before it is on the Bucket List of most every cruiser.   It is a trip that is over 5,500 miles and takes a minimum of 9 months to complete.   For us, it will mean leaving Florida in April heading north to New York harbor. From there we will “loop” around the Great Lakes and Canada ending up in Chicago in Sept.   The next route is taking a number of rivers south to the Gulf of Mexico and eventually ending up in Florida.



We joined the Great American Looper’s Association and there is more information on their website on www.greatloop.org.   More will be written on this, but it is a good starting point.   This trip will occupy us for 2017.   We will be posting articles and videos on our website and You Tube channel as we travel.   Our goal is to end up back in Key West on Nov. 1st for the annual Parrothead convention, Meeting of the Minds.

Once we complete the Loop we have a long list of places to visit:



Dominican Republic

Virgin Islands

Chesapeake / Washington D.C.

Boston, Cape Cod, Rhode Island




We will see it all by water and take in the history and flavor of the local areas from small towns to large cities to remote islands.