AGLCA Discount Through June 30th

If you are a boater that is living vicariously through our Blog you might consider joining the America’s Great Loop Cruisers Association.  They are offering a 20% discount on their memberships through June 30th.  The coupon code is FeelingLoopy.   Also, please tell them Steve & Debbie Russell referred you.

We have found their information invaluable.  Lots of info on the routes and Podcasts on relevant topics.  Plus, the members forum is something that you will find informative as questions are posed and the members respond.   AGLCA offers a lot of member benefits and one of those benefits is Great Loop Radio.  Each week Kim Russo, AGLCA executive director, talks with guests that have valuable information pertaining to boating and the Great Loop.  These 30-minute shows air every Friday morning at 10 am eastern or you can listen to them on demand at a time that suits you.  Each show topic is announced in the discussion forum 1 or 2 days before the show and on the homepage every Friday morning.  You can access recent podcasts in the Documents Library from the Member Resources menu on the website or the entire archive of over 300 episodes.   There are also a Rendezvous twice a year that you can attend to get you from the Dreaming Stage to that Planning Stage.

This will truly inspire you while you are in the “Planning Stage”. is their site.

Put the Loop on your Bucket List Boaters!


Our First Week of the Great Loop

We couldn’t have asked for a better day then when Gypsies Palace left the dock n April 1st for our first week of our Great Loop Adventure. The winds and seas were calm so we traveled outside from Boca Raton to Stuart. Just a beautiful day that you dream about.

5 O'Clock SomewhereThe whole week was a party everywhere we stopped as we met with friends on nearly every stop! We even had friends ride with us from Boca to Stuart and Uber back home! We stopped in a place called Nettles Island on Hutchinson Island and it was interesting. There were really nice mobile homes with regular homes in between and they were all built on an angle. Golf carts were used to ride around. These people have a slice of paradise.

Our next day took us to Vero Beach where my friend got us space at the Quail Valley Yacht Club. The funny thing there was that the dockmaster tried to fit us into a slip that he said was 28 ft. with our beam of 25 ft. We got stuck between the pilings going in so in reality, their slip was 25 ft. No matter how hard Capt. Steve tried that boat was not going to fit!

We started the new tradition of the “Coconut” welcome shot.   I found this bottle of Captain Morgan’s Coconut Liquor and we all raise a toast to the Loop with each group of friends. By the way, my Vero friends brought us lobster to grill on the boat – really roughing it, right? Welcome to the Loop

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