Traveling with our Dog on Board

Many people wonder what it is like to travel with a dog on board when full time cruising.  So, how is life going with Jazzy, our miniature schnauzer?   Transitioning from a house and yard is a big adjustment.  We were convinced that Jazzy would be able to adjust, but just how much?  We have taken him out on boating trips before so we knew he was comfortable with the boat, but could he really turn into a boat dog?

One thing we knew is that Jazzy is a dog that really doesn’t like the water, more specifically swimming. We had no worries that he would jump in the water to chase a bird or take a swim like a spaniel or lab.   He definitely prefers the boat when it is not underway.  Once the engines start he knows we are going.  He usually comes inside and sits on the couch out of the way.   When the ride is smooth he simply sleeps, just like at home during the day.  If the motion of the boat changes i.e. from the wake of another boat, he usually hugs against me.  That is not his favorite thing! Read more