Rocking and Rolling on Lake Erie

Lake Erie can be a curse. It is shallow and the waves can come from all directions causing an unpleasant and nasty ride. When we completed the Welland Canal we docked in Port Colborne at a nice marina with good friends of ours that are the Harbor Hosts. The winds were howling and blowing like crazy when we docked after finishing the canal and continued to blow the next day.  Of course, we were still in Canada!

It wasn’t an entire lost day because we are friends with the Harbor Host of Port Colborne. A Harbor Host is a member of the Looper’s Association that volunteers to help other Loopers with things like transportation to stores or recommendations for services in their area. Our Harbor Host actually helped Steve install our transmission. When we met them after finishing the canal we were whipped.   They invited us to join their local boater friends for a cookout. It was just what we needed after that long day.   The next morning we sat at the dock, but we became entertainment for the local boaters.   They had not seen a power catamaran before and many came by our boat for a look. It was great fun.

ClevelandIt pays to wait. The next day was much better.   Seas built to 3 feet, but Gypsies Palace can still have a smooth ride when other boats are smacking along.   We just “skip” along the waves although we were getting hit from the side so there was a certain amount of “roll” on the lake. Our destination was Cleveland and the Rock and Dock Marina. We wanted to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and having the docks right there was an attractive way to get there.Rock and Dock

That Rock and Dock Marina is a jewel. Docks are like new and it was easy to dock. We came mid-week and there was only one other boat there – a Looper boat of all things!   There is a Mexican restaurant right at the marina and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is steps away. We went the next morning and spent 3 hours there. You could easily spend a couple of more hours enjoying their exhibits. It is well organized and we loved learning more about the history of different types of music and places. We especially likes the special exhibit for the Summer of Love ’67. Steve is from California and they featured the Monterey Pop Festival, which he attended!   We even learned more about the part that Cleveland played in the history of Rock and Roll. Long Live RockRock and Roll Hall of Fame

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