Better Days Are in the Cards

We decided that it was important to “be some place” for Memorial Day as that it the official Day of Summer for everyone up north.   All of the crazy boaters tend to be out to so our plan was to be sitting at a dock.   We selected Cape May since this is a vacation destination place. It was a good choice and while we were there the marina hosted a free barbeque and free beer.   A nice perk!

Our Looper organization has people that volunteer as Harbor Hosts at places throughout the Loop. They are people that offer to help boaters in many situations.   While we were in Cape May we needed a diver to take off a rope around one of the props.   They were able to recommend someone at a reasonable price. They also had a spare truck that they left at the marina for our use.   We were able to do a lot of running around grocery shopping etc.   It is just really nice to have someone local that can be called in a pinch. Many are people that have completed the Loop, but there are others that are planning the Loop and enjoy being part of the group by helping out.   Our Harbor Hosts in Cape May were particularly nice and helpful.

Cape May VictorianCape May has many Victorian homes that we enjoyed photographing.   The other thing I remember about Cape May is the number of ice cream places.   Boaters often sit in Cape May waiting for weather to clear.  Gypsies Palace Cape May Inlet The next run is outside on the ocean to New Jersey.   All boaters are cautioned not to take the Intracoastal in New Jersey since Hurricane Sandi.   Many boats ground out or hit unseen obstructions.   It is better to wait for good seas than risk something bad happening.  Here is our boat leaving the Cape May Inlet and the ocean is flat, so flat this is how Steve spent his time!   Jazzy wants to know who is driving! Flat Seas






Luckily for us, the day that we planned to go was perfect.   We had been in Cape May 5 days. We had a good ocean run and we docked by 1:30 at the Golden Nugget.   Neither of us had ever been to the Boardwalk so we took an Uber there with Jazzy.   I was not very impressed. I like ours in Hollywood Beach, FL much better.   However, we like to try to see or do something that we had not done before.

WinningsWe were only there for one night so we did hit the casino.   Woo woo!   We came out $100 winners at Blackjack. Our plan was not to get greedy and give it all back so we walked away.

When we left New Jersey, we had another good day on the ocean up to Great Kills on Staten Island.   New York City – here we come!

“With a little love and luck, you’ll get by”……..Jimmy Buffett