Leaving Florida – First Guest, First Fairways, First Anchorage & Krispy Kremes

After spending 4 days in Jacksonville visiting friends and sharing the boat with more friends it was time to get the Party Started out of Florida. My best friend from high school decided to take a chance and come with us. She really didn’t know what to expect because her boating has been limited and has never taken the Intracoastal. She was amazed at how flat and marshy the trip is through Georgia.   She is thoroughly enjoying herself and doesn’t miss anything along the way.

Typically, when doing deliveries we would by-pass Georgia because it is long and tends to have some shoaling issues. But, since the ocean was not a good alternative we felt that with our shallow draft we would not have a problem. We had no issues and even cutting across big bodies of water the ride was pretty smooth. I didn’t mind it at all and there was no stress going along at 10 mph.

Golfing on the LoopWe went straight to Jekyll Island because one of our “must dos” is to play golf along the way. My friend brought her clubs and we played one of the courses there.   We are so glad that we did.   We hadn’t played in forever, but it didn’t matter and we were pretty happy with our round. Read more