North & South Carolina – Fresh Shrimp, Great Weather, Docktails & a Funeral

Great Weather sceneryAll week we continued to have great weather for our travels through the Carolinas. This area is one of my favorites to experience. We stopped at old favorite places and found some new ones that drew us in. The boat is performing perfectly with no issues. We have continued to travel along at our 10 mph and around 50 miles per day.

I have always heard good things about Beaufort, SC and we happy that we decided to spend 2 nights there. The marina is right in their downtown district. It is dog friendly place even to serving a Pet Menu in one of the restaurants that we stopped in with the dogs. They let me know that it was “Yummy”. We were there for Easter Sunday and attended a sunrise service right by the marina. Afterwards Capt. Steve whipped up an Easter Brunch and my friend, Martha made her special Bloody Marys. It was a beautiful morning.  Easter Bloody Marys

Charleston is always worth 2 days and that is definitely to enjoy their fabulous restaurants. We had our fill of oysters and seafood in the short time that we were there. This is a mandatory stop. Our favorite place is Pearlz Oyster Bar, but found 2 others that ranked high, also.

Fresh ShrimpShrimp BoatsWe went off the beaten path and tied up in Georgetown for a night. We were excited to see the shrimp boats and bought 3 lbs of their “off the boat” shrimp.   This was another cute small town and walking around was very pleasant. Time spent there was short, but I liked it.

We had been waiting for Myrtle Beach to pull out our golf clubs again. The dock master let us use his car to get to the golf course. We all played well and I loved having the Red Tees set so far forward. This made me feel that I was really hitting my clubs far!   While we were there we had some waxing and cleaning done on the boat while we golfed. It was a productive stay!

With so many wonderful things happening it was probably inevitable that we would have a “disaster” and that involved our drone. On Day 18 Capt. Steve was going to try a tricky maneuver from the deck of the boat as we were going to go under a bridge. I was watching, saw it hover and then it went sideways, hit the railing and took a swan dive into the ICW. Needless to say, it felt like a funeral on the boat for a while.  RIP Drone……..

One of our favorite places to stop is Southport, NC. The marina is very dog friendly and many transients stop there. We found 4 groups of Loopers at the marina and hosted our 1st Docktails on Gypsies Palace. For the Loopers Docktails is bringing your own drink and an appetizer to share onto someone else’s boat. We hung out our Party Flag and gave everyone a tour of the catamaran.   None of them had been on a “cat” before and they were surprised at the amount of room that we have. It was FUN!!

We experienced some real Southern Hospitality at the local Southport fish market. We went to buy fresh shrimp again, but only brought $12 cash with us. A local woman was so excited about us doing the Loop she gave us another $2 towards our purchase.   Then she got paid forward by another customer giving her a freezer bag for her trip home.   Oh, did I mention that we paid $7.99 for Jumbo Shrimp that looked like prawns!

We are finishing the week trying to avoid some of the high winds from an approaching cold front. We were going to anchor out, but decided to just tie up at a small marina that is really a boat yard. We have plenty of food on board (did I say shrimp?).  As we went by Wrightsville Beach we encountered over 200 paddle boarders and some rowers.  There is always something to marvel in!

Paddle BoardersRowers


Gypsies Palace will be making this north/ south run numerous times after we complete the Loop and there are always new places to discover and old favorites to visit again. It is really hard to believe that we have been gone nearly a month.  Time has gone by so quickly. It is so special that we are experiencing this adventure and meeting incredible like-minded people as Loopers.   Everyone is in a different stage of the Loop and there are people just like us that are also are just starting the Loop. In Southport we had Gold Loopers (done the Loop once), Loopers that started in Texas, Loopers that will finish on the Chesapeake and a couple that started after us.

One observation t to leave you with is that the Gold Looper couple finished their Loop in 2008. They are still cruising and they are a very YOUNG 75!   Let that be US!

“I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead”  Jimmy Buffett

7 thoughts on “North & South Carolina – Fresh Shrimp, Great Weather, Docktails & a Funeral

  • April 23, 2017 at 12:24 am

    Very exiting guys. Sorry to hear about the drone mishap. I still need to learn how to fly mine better. Love the scrimp picture, makes me hungry for sea food.

  • April 23, 2017 at 12:53 am

    Sounds like more great adventures !

  • April 23, 2017 at 8:40 am

    How is the mail forwarding service working out.. ..? Thanks for all the news..

  • April 24, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    Love reading your blog. Green with envy 🙂


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