New York City Must Be a State of Mind

It was our desire to take in some of the City so we planned to stay in the area for 3 days. I say, “in the area” because no one docks in New York City. Many stay over in New Jersey at Liberty Landing, which we have done before, but it was not on “our nickel”. Marina dockage is expensive. A big perk of being part of the Looper’s Association is that we get discounts at marinas and fuel. Many choose to stay at Great Kills on Staten Island. There are anchorages there, but then the problem can be transportation with their dinghy.

Great Kills Harbor  I took this picture of the harbor one morning the fog that turned out pretty cool. We were able to dock at Great Kills Yacht Club due to our Harbor Host establishing the relationship. Their members were so welcoming to all of us that pass through there. We walked to restaurants, a bagel shop and an Italian Market.

Once again it continued to be highs in the 50’s and rainy, but we were definitely going to spend 2 days in the City.   We knew that we could take the Staten Island Ferry over and that was free and there was also a free train to take to the Ferry.   That involved a one mile walk. The other option was an Express Bus.  The advantage there was that it was less walking and dropped us off where we wanted to go. I won’t bore you with all the details, but it probably was a two hour trip before we got anywhere that we wanted to go and we also used the Hop On/ Hop Off Bus and the Subway.   So much easier to get around by boat!

PiazzThe first day we had things to accomplish, but pizza was on the top of the list. Years ago we had eaten at this pizza place around Times Square called John’s so that was mandatory to order one and we weren’t disappointed. Later that night we tried a clam pizza on Staten Island that was pretty good.   We really ran ourselves ragged mostly walking everywhere. It must be a state of mind!!   We did get to the Half Price Ticket Booth and got tickets for Beautiful the next day.   Now that was a great decision.   We loved that play.

We went back into the city the second day to see the play and had the obligatory hot dog on the street. One coincidence that I still cannot get over is that we went to B&H Photo to look at binoculars. The guy in front of us in line was none other than another Looper that we knew!   What are the odds?   He wasn’t even at our marina or staying in Staten Island.  And, he is the guy from Finland.  (we also have met a couple of Sweden doing the Loop).

Statue of LibertyI have to say that I had my two day fix of New York.   Life has become a lot slower on the boat and that was definitely a little tense.   We left on a foggy morning so my pictures were not that good.   They allow pleasure craft to come close to the Statue of Liberty and you can even anchor behind it.   There is just no place to go ashore, but a lot of Loopers have done this.  Looking forward to our trip up the Hudson.  They say it is beautiful.

But I don’t want to land in New York City….no,no,no….Jimmy Buffett

3 thoughts on “New York City Must Be a State of Mind

  • June 14, 2017 at 11:19 am

    Sucha great experience! I know what you mean about the hustle and bustle of the city. Although Pembroke Pines is no NYC, it still is traffic packed and CROWDED! Jim and I are moving to Port Charlotte, south of Sarasota, for that exact reason. See you in the Gulf!!!

    • June 15, 2017 at 2:23 am

      So glad you are following along. Will you be on the West Coast when we start down next Fall? Not sure of a date, but we would maybe be able to find a place that we could stay and we could get together. Playing with the idea of catching Buffett around Detroit area on July 11th, but hate the thought of a 70 mile drive after the concert. Know anyone in the Detroit Club or area?

      • June 15, 2017 at 11:27 am

        I sure hope we will be up there in the fall. You can stay with us if we aren’t too far from the boat. I don’t know anyone in Detroit but I’m sure Craig and Laurie do. Laurie is from Michigan. Do you need their info?


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