The Lone Piper of Kincardine

Jazzy on Gypsies PalaceWe had two stops to make before reaching Georgian Bay – Kincardine and Tobermory, Ontario. Yay, butter tarts, for sure!   Our plan was to only spend 1 night in each place since we were anxious to find beautiful anchorages in Georgian Bay and North Channel.

We decided to do the “go fast” pace i.e. 17 mph on Lake Huron to both destinations.   Each time the lake started out really smooth and each time we were in 3-4 seas from a variety of directions.   This was the first time that Jazzy had ever been seasick. Poor thing – it really lasted 2 days. That first night he got us up for several hours until he finally decided to use that green mat on the front of the boat. The good thing is that I know now that he knows what it is for. He just chooses not to use it!   But, when he is sick it is looking pretty darn good.  This picture was the seas were great and he was feeling good as you can tell.

Kincardine TownKincardine is a pretty little town that has flowers everywhere. It’s claim to fame is that on Saturday night there is a bagpipe parade through town.   Naturally, we were there on a Sunday.   On the other nights they have a lone piper at the top of the lighthouse at sunset. KIncardine PiperThat was pretty cool and this piper was female! It just so happens that my best friend is also a piper and told her that she could always get a summer job here.   There is a legend behind the piper that goes back in the early days.   Ships were trying to return to the harbor and it was fogged in. Someone got the idea of playing the bagpipes to guide the boats into the harbor.   It worked and a tradition began.   They do get a fabulous sunset here. Before leaving we got stocked up on butter tarts and I think that they were the best so far.  Kincardine Phantom PiperKincardine Sunset

Tobermory is on the tip of the Bruce Peninsula and is a natural stopping place for entering Georgian Bay. What I will remember about Tobermory is the Harbor Master who is keeping track of all of the incoming vessels that either want fuel or dockage. Only one boat can enter at a time and she decides on the order. We managed to get a dock without power, but when we finally walked around I was in awe of how she stacked the boats into an “alley”. We could have never fit there due to our width. It was organized chaos because they also have tour boats that go out to Flower Pot Island, dive boats and other commercial working boats. Tobermory docking

There were 4 Looper boats and only one that we had seen before and that was from the Rendezvous in April. I felt sorry for one of the boats.  It was Day One of their Loop from Sarnia, Ontario and they had boat problems. Unfortunately we were in Tobermory such a short time that we had to get back to the boat to plot out our anchorage and journey for the next day. No time for Docktails.

We should be catching up with a large group of Looper boats now.   They came into Georgian Bay from the Trent Severn waterway. They have been making their way along the northern side of Georgian Bay ahead of us. We are just going to eliminate going “backwards” and go straight across the Bay to spend some time before entering the North Channel. We are pretty much where we would be if we hadn’t had that transmission problem. From now on we are going to spend a little more time in each place. We are getting into this part of Canada at the beginning of August and will spend a little over two weeks here because it is a highlight of the Great Loop trip for everyone.

We have heard that there is a lock repair going on down on the Illinois River that will not be fixed until September 12th. There is going to be a “Looper Backlog” when it opens on a full time basis.   So, we have our reason to take our time!

“Watch the sun go down. Listen to the sea roll in.  I’ll be thinkin’ of you”………Jimmy Buffett

2 thoughts on “The Lone Piper of Kincardine

  • August 14, 2017 at 1:32 am

    What a good read. I’ve had quite a night reading this. I’ve explained most of this to my family….my son’s response is “I’m jealous!” Thank you! I can’t wait for your next chapter.

  • August 14, 2017 at 11:21 am

    8ft sawfish 2redfish 1snook release and a lot
    Of sharks. Finally got released by the doctor to go back fishing after a whole year with my shoulder having a lot of fun this summer living my life through you sounds like you guys are just doing just fine enjoy the top of the loop I also hear that it’s fantastic always looking forward to your next post take care you’re ever faithful bug man


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