Spending Time in Bimini

Bimini Sands EntranceWe arrived at Bimini Sands Marina a little over a week ago. Bimini is divided into a North and South. An actual town – Alicetown – is located on North Bimini. On South Bimini consists of mostly some homes, the airport and Bimini Sands. Staying here at Bimini Sands has been a great deal – $100 a week plus $20 a day for electric. It has been totally worth it to stay a week at that price!

Endeavour SalonEndeavour Salon and GalleyAfter introducing our new Gypsies Palace on my last blog, I will continue to include some pictures of her   This is the spacious galley and downstairs salon. I have lots of storage space in pull out drawers and cabinets, including a whole section of cabinets behind one of the couches.   There is additional storage under one section of the couch.   It is such a pleasure to make coffee in the morning and sit at the bar making plans for the day.    I love preparing meals with all that room! I have learned to use the convection oven and love the propane cook top.   We have two large propane tanks on board for cooking, including the outdoor barbeque that gets a lot of use.

Bimini LobsterThe first meal we fixed was grilled lobster from one of the local lobster guys. You can’t beat that!    But, even before that, the guys went to Alicetown to check in and returned fresh conch salad from Joe’s Conch Shack.   We then made a return trip to town for fresh Coconut Bread and Bimini Bread, so yummy.

Once again, we have Mozzy back with us to vacation with Jazzy in the Bahamas. After all, he almost completed the entire Great Loop with us!   We are happy to have him and you can tell from this picture the boys love being on the beach.   What is so funny is that most of our boater friends think we actually own two dogs and are so amused when we say we are dog sitting!   But, Mozzy is part of the family.Bimini Boys

One past time that Steve enjoys is making videos. The approach to Bimini Sands has been posted on Facebook was being tricky.   To clarify the situation Steve took the dinghy out and narrated how the approach should be made.   He posted this in several places and Cruisers Net reached out to him because they wanted to include it on their site. I am including it here so you can see it.

We are currently sitting on our boat while a big thunderstorm and front passes over us.   We have clocked winds over 50 mph, but we are safely tied up to our slip.   In two days, we are planning on leaving Bimini to head to the Berry Islands where the weather forecast looks really good for several days.   I will end you with the Bahamian tradition of blowing the Conch Shell at sundown, courtesy of Capt. Steve Russell.


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    Glad to see you are doing well. Enjoy the
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