Rum Drinks, Pigs and Paradise in the Bahamas for Gypsies Palace

Apologies to everyone for taking a break from blogging. It seems that once we made it to the Bahamas we took a vacation and perfected the fine art of “doing nothing”!  There will be a series of articles about our two and a half months in the Bahamas.

Slow Down BahamasIt was now early February. Gypsies Palace and crew were anxiously waiting for a good weather window to make the crossing to the Bahamas. It seemed like it was taking forever for the seas and winds to calm down, but finally we made it to West End, Bahamas from Boca Raton on Fed. 5th. Not many boats chose that day to cross, but it was good for a catamaran. The marina was pretty empty except for other catamarans!

While we were there we decided to try our hand at fishing.   Hooray!   We caught two dolphin (Mahi-Mahi). That was pretty funny to see us land the fish. We had not done any trolling off of this boat where we caught something.   We didn’t hear the line run out and neither of us noticed we had caught of fish on both poles!   Steve brought in the first dolphin. Keeping it from jumping back into the water was something else. I didn’t help the matter by jumping up and down yelling, “We got a fish”!   Our boat is open the stern and they can work themselves back into the water.   We had forgotten to bring the cooler down, too!   I thought I was helping when I slammed the net over the top of the fish, but all that accomplished was getting

First fish
1st Fish!

the fish hook stuck in the net!   By the time we got to the 2nd line we lost the fish.   We decided that since we were not very prepared it would be wise just to head back into the marina and be happy with one fish!   After all, there must be plenty of fish in the sea / Bahamas, right? Read more