The Adventures of Waldhose or “Where’s Waldhose?”

This is a true story as told by Steve Russell about leaving our drinking hose on the dock and how he returned home.

Waldhose connection with Lucky Duck PFD & signatures of his Looper friends

Waldhose Is Home!!!  The true meaning of being part of the Loopers Assoc. (AGLCA) shines with the help from everyone that made it possible for Waldhose to return to Gypsies Palace.

The Saga unfolded after he got home. Because something just didn’t add up, we decided to get to the truth. After he got home, we had a “Water Boarding” session and he ran at the mouth with the facts. Here is the whole story:

We lost Waldhose in Jekyll Island around April 15th. We realized he was missing the day after we left. We remembered that he was connected to the water system which was across from Gypsies Palace.  That is why we thought that we had accidently left him there. As it turns out, it was more than that. He actually hid because he was jumping ship!      Now we know why. You see, when Waldhose joined us he worked his butt off. I soon realized that we had stretched him to his limits.

So, I decided to make his life easier and would find him a mate. Someone that he could “connect with”. They could have a real “attachment” and work together. I got on my computer and logged in to . There she was, Ava Gardenhose, a Long, Slinky, no Kink drink of water. The perfect Match… well, almost. Waldhose had been known to be Kinky at times.. but still, like all Matches, almost perfect. I saw the problem starting when we got Ava Gardenhose home. There he was, curled up on the dock with a couple of kinks. I thought “Oh Boy”. Read more

Winds of Change

Since we named our boat from a Buffett tune (Gypsies in the Palace) I am always looking for other Parrotheads on the water. We found one and they actually had to point out that it was from “I’m Growing Older, but Not Up” and therefore, it landed as the title of this article because it surely has been WINDY this past week.   Their boat name was “Winds of Change”.

Of all the weather conditions we experience, wind is the one that drives us boaters the craziest. It causes all kinds of problems like we had this week. From New Bern, NC we traveled north to Oriental. We usually get tied up on an outside face dock, but the winds were so bad that the dockhand decided to put us in a slip with another sailing catamaran. I wish you could have seen that docking!   It was Captain Steve at his best and a very knowledgeable dockhand. Even though it was blowing like crazy Steve managed to come in ever so slowly. We ended up with about 2 feet between the 2 boats! The 3 other Looping boats came over to admire the seamanship. I couldn’t quite believe that we made it into that space.Gypsies Palace close dockingOriental docking

The wind continued the next day, but we wanted to leave so we headed to Belhaven. Mostly, we go to places that I have never heard of.   The winds were blowing at approximately 15 mph with gusts over 20. By the time we reached Belhaven they were higher. We thought that being inside a breakwater would help, but the marina docks were exposed to the wind. Another time where the marina operator knew just what we needed to do.   We had to dock on the leeward side and the marina guy asked if Steve was “experienced” because he would need it to dock!   This time Steve had to put the boat with 2 pilings on our stern into a space behind a sailboat with the wind pushing us away from the dock. Another miracle docking and the guys were ready on the dock to quickly tie us off because we were being pulled away. There was not much happening at this marina, but I will say that they get a gold star for their laundry facility.   I can do small loads on board, but it is much quicker to use the marina laundry facilities. This one was free and had big new machines. We also were given a golf cart to drive into town so that was fun. Read more

We are “All In”!

Looper LifestyleLast week we attended the Spring Rendezvous for the members of the America’s Great Loop Cruisers Association in New Bern, NC. There were approximately 200 attendees. Of those, 60% were in the Planning stage. That could mean that they have a boat, but are still planning on how they were going to manage their lives while looping. Or, many of them were actively looking for a boat to begin their journey.  Much of the discussion involved the Looper Lifestyle.

One of the first decisions for the Looper Lifesyle that everyone has to make is to decide if they are keeping their house or if they are going to sell everything and put things in storage. I learned some new terminology at the conference. A land home is referred to as a “dirt house”.   So, I would hear people say we kept our “dirt house”. The other term I learned is that we are “all in”. What that means is that they no longer have a home and they are a full time cruiser. That is us. We are “All In”.   There is something about that phrase that I like. It shows commitment to the Looper Lifestyle.   It also has a feeling of freedom.   We are no longer tied down by “stuff” (other than what is on the boat) and no longer a slave to the house. Plus, no more property taxes! Read more